Writing Coaching

As your writing coach, I'm here to listen, offer you encouragement, provide constructive feedback, recommend resources, and give you writing assignments and exercises. Writing coaching is often ideal for those who are struggling to start or complete a project. It can also be useful for writers who are looking for regular feedback on short pieces, such as flash fiction or personal essays.

Writing coaching can be tailored to fit your needs. Typically,it involves written feedback on pieces of your writing, perhaps a nonfiction outline or a few chapters of a manuscript. We can also schedule phone calls or in-person meetings (depending on where you live) to supplement the written feedback.

Getting Started

Contact me to set up a free consultation. We can discuss your goals, what kind of support you're looking for, the role writing plays in your life, and how you would like that to change.

Next, I'll review an example of your writing so I can get a sense of your style and your project (if you have one) and consider how I can help. If you don't yet have an example to send, then download the free guide Awakening Your Inner Storyteller: Three Simple Steps to Start Writing Today. At the end, you'll find a brief writing exercise you can complete and then send as an example.


I charge $50 an hour for writing coaching services.