As your editor, my goal is to collaborate with you by offering suggestions and asking questions that will help you achieve your creative vision and put you one step closer to publication.

Below are the services I offer. If you don't see a service that aligns with your needs, contact me and we can customize a plan for working together.

Developmental editing

A developmental edit is often the first stop in the editing process. For fiction, this type of edit examines whether elements like characterization, plot, setting, dialogue, theme, and point of view are working together to create a cohesive, meaningful whole. For nonfiction, a developmental edit helps authors with structure, organization, tone, pacing, consistency, coherence, and clarity.

A developmental edit is usually completed within the manuscript using the "track changes" and "comments" features in Microsoft Word. This service also includes a summary report that identifies the strengths of your manuscript, points out opportunities for improvement, and offers ideas about how to move forward with revision.

Consider a developmental edit if:

  • You have completed a manuscript that has been edited very little or not at all.
  • You are feeling stuck—unsure of how to approach revision.
  • You are wondering if your manuscript is ready for publication.

Line editing

A line edit is ideal for subsequent drafts of a manuscript, once the bones of a story are in place. It is a very focused, sentence-by sentence review of the way you use language. For example, this type of edit identifies overused words, awkward or ambiguous phrasing, confusing passages, abrupt transitions between paragraphs, problems with pacing, redundant information, or disorienting shifts in tone.

While line editing may catch some problems with grammar and punctuation, the purpose is not to eliminate errors. It does not take the place of a copy edit. The goal is to make the writing shine and help you tell a more compelling story.

A line edit is completed within the manuscript using the"track changes" and "comments" features in Microsoft Word.

Consider this type of edit if:

  • You are satisfied that any big picture issues within the manuscript have been resolved.
  • Your manuscript has already gone through a developmental edit or has been critiqued by peers in a writing group.
  • You have been sending your manuscript to agents and have not received the response you hoped.

Getting Started

Contact me to set up a free consultation. We'll get to know each other, discuss your manuscript, the type of edit you'd like, and your deadline. Together, we'll decide if my skills and expertise are a good match for your project.


Rates vary depending on the nature of your project and your deadline. I typically charge between $50-$65 per hour.