Want to Write? No Idea Where to Start? Let Me Help

I believe that within each of us lies a storyteller. In childhood, this voice is second nature—it conjures imaginary friends, transforms empty cardboard boxes into medieval castles, and spins wild tales about the adventures of beloved toys.

As we grow older, our inner storyteller is often neglected in order to manage the daily responsibilities of adulthood. We may listen to well-meaning friends and family members who tell us storytelling is a waste of time or the not-so-well-meaning critics who tell us our stories aren't any good. Pretty soon, that inner storyteller is barely speaking above a whisper, if she's speaking at all.

Download This Free Guide

This free guide is designed to help you tune into that storytelling voice again. It doesn't contain any mystical secrets to unlocking your imagination, just some practical advice and a writing exercise to help you rediscover the joy of telling stories.

Download PDF: Awakening Your Inner Storyteller: Three Simple Steps to Start Writing Today

What Now?

At the end of this guide, you'll find some suggestions for moving forward with your writing. One of those options is to contact me for a free consultation. We can discuss your experience with this exercise and whether hiring a writing coach would be a good option for you. Feel free to contact me to set up your free consultation!